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So, you've been stuffed with cake, drowned in tea, and all of a sudden you've got an uncontrollable urge to buy a bag of crisps and a jar of Marmite. When the brains behind T&C asked me to join in and throw together an alphabet of cooking and cookery techniques I jumped at the chance, thinking that I could add a more savoury element to a very British experience. For the next 26 editions of T&C I'll be writing about cooking, brought to you by the letter A, B, C... and I hope you'll enjoy reading what I can come up with.

Just don't expect it to be all about butter, sugar & flour, although I might slip into the sweet stuff from time to time.

a is for apples, asparagus & al dente

including recipes for, potato, cheese and apple layer bake (or gratin, if you prefer) and three-cheese asparagus tart
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b is also for.... bakewell

Bakewell bars can be a bit tricky, but the results are lovely. You make a sort-of shortbread base, cover it in jam, then make some frangipane and bake it until it's properly cooked.
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B is for Brownies

Mike's brownies: how to make gooey, chocolatey, heavenly, perfect brownies.
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How to make a simple cake.

C is for Cake explains why you do what you do when making the deliciousness of cake.
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C is for Coffee & Pecan cake

Mike decides to make some coffee cake, but isn't a fan of walnuts. What's the solution? Pecans!
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g is for gingerbread

Mike and Sam made a tasty gingerbread ARMY.
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g is for granita

Granita is probably the simplest frozen dessert imaginable. It also tastes awesome.
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m is for macarons

macarons are incredibly tasty.
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m is for millionaire shortbread

who doesn't love this stuff? mike teaches us to make it OUR WAY
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m is for muffins

bakewell muffins, raspberry and white chocolate muffins & carrot and ginger muffins. Mmmmmm!
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p is for pancakes

no matter how glossy your pancake recipe is, the point is that it should be all about the fillings, not the pancakes themselves.
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p is for poppyseed cake

mike's comments on a classic cake
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r is for rhubarb egg custards

Egg Custards - Mike's way. With an extra whack of zingy rhubarb.
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R is for Rugelach

Mike spends a little time making Jewish pastries.
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t is for teacake

Sometimes I need to keep track of my thought processes when making cake. Or inventing it. Here's my tea loaf
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