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want to know how celebs take their tea?

We hope you appreciate how much effort we have gone to combing google to find out the information in this section of the site. Journalists don't seem to ask this question much, clearly an oversight on their part...

Paul McCartney is a sweet tooth, who likes his mug with milk and two sugars.

If Tony Blair pops round, make him a cuppa with milk and no sugar.

Jo from Aerosmith drinks Darjeeling

Victoria Beckham drinks peppermint tea

Tom Chaplin (the lead singer from Keane) drinks lemon tea to soothe his voice, whilst the US senator John Kerry drinks it to preserve his voice

Lulu usually drinks herbal tea, and Richard Gere likes rooibos.

Madonna likes a spot of Yorkshire Tea (what good taste she has) . The queen of pop has also been known to glugg down ginger tea and peppermint tea.

George Orwell insisted on Indian or Ceylonese tea, made in a pot with loose leaves , thank you very much, with milk and absolutely no sugar.

Douglas Adams favourite bevy was a good cup of early grey, with milk.


celebrity tea spots

Liv Tyler likes Betty's Tea Rooms. Grahame Norton is a Pret a Manger Fan. Liam Gallager has been spotted in Starbucks, as has Graham Norton (not at the same time). Mr. Norton is clearly not faithful with his suppliers of hot beverages.

Have you spotted a celebrity having a sly cup of something round the corner from you? Let us know and we'll share the secret! (tea@teaandcake.co.uk)


other celebretea gossip...

Billy Connelly likes fair-trade Tickety Boo tea - his chosen charity.

As a fund-raising exercise, Neslon Mandella invited ebay bidders the chance to have a cup of tea with him. We don't know what the final bid was, but we hope it was a damn fine cup.

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