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Everybody loves cake. Well, people with wheat allergies may be a bit wary - but you can make wheat free cakes, vegan cakes, chocolate cakes, cheese cakes, cream cakes... and then eat them. All of them. With tea.

The best thing about cake is that you can't eat a whole cake on your own. You have to share it - with friends - and enjoy tea and cake together.


We don't just have recipes here. We've also got real photos of finished cakes, along with baking tips. 
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Mike's baking alphabet

We are very proud to present the growing work of Mike's culinary art.
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hints and tips

Aimed at novices - these are little stupid mistakes you make and then kick yourself for. Hopefully by sharing where we have tripped up, you won't have to...
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The Vegan Way

Kate is a great vegan role model. She doesn't tell us non-vegans off.  She does show how easy and tasty vegan cooking can be.
> how to cook tasty food the vegan way

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